Radio Formula comes to WhatsApp channels: so you can receive news directly in your chats!

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Radio format It’s always at the center of the news with the best content on radio, TV, online… and now!Directly to your WhatsApp chats!

Starting this Wednesday, We come to WhatsApp channelsa new free feature built into the app that will inform (and entertain you) of the hottest news, videos, interviews, and gossip of the moment.

In total, we will open 7 channels containing the ideal information for every moment of the day and week:

  1. Radio format: Be part of the conversation with the most relevant news in Mexico and the world. We promise you the best information through videos, notes, reports… one note or another and collectible stickers
  2. Siro on radio format: Start your morning with videos, news, analysis and plenty of controversy with the most listened to news programs on radio.
  3. Lopez Durega on Formula Radio: Videos, news, memes and occasional stickers with the best “Teacher” show on Radio Formula.
  4. Shumel on radio format: Enjoy the best and funniest moments from Radio La Repubblica with Chumel Torres
  5. Sports radio format: Videos, news, Carrilla and notes with the latest and most relevant from the world of sports. From Jiminita to Chico Perez, through Messi and Amy… and many other things.
  6. gossip: It turns out that here we have the best videos, gifs and even memes in your window to the world of entertainment and shows. And cheese.
  7. Tips for home: That your pets, that your plants, that presentations, that pests. Here you’ll find the best tips and tricks for your home.
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How to use the new WhatsApp channels feature? So you can subscribe step by step

Getting the best information, right in your pocket, is easier than ever. Here we explain step by step How to get this new feature on WhatsApp. This procedure works for both Android and iPhone.

  1. Firstly, Update your WhatsApp to the latest version. You can do this in Settings or Configuration on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Once the app is updated, look for the new tab, which is called News. There you will see the catalog of channels to subscribe to.
  3. Under this tab, press the (+) button to search for channels. There you can locate Radio Formula channels.
  4. After entering the channel, click Follow and you will be subscribed automatically.
  5. Channels are automatically muted. Inside it, by clicking on the bell, you will decide whether you want to receive notifications or not. The decision is completely yours.
  6. Important: Your information and phone number will not be known to anyoneNeither do we, the channel administrators, so your data is fully protected.
  7. In the same way, You will not be able to reply to posts, just interact with themShare them and even participate in surveys.

Now that you know all about the channels, enjoy the best videos, news and content that Grupo Formula has to offer you.

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