The Turkish Foreign Minister welcomes Brazil’s position on Gaza

The Turkish Minister indicated that Brazil is making active efforts to officially recognize Palestine as a full member of the United Nations.

Commenting on the situation in Gaza, I would like to point out that the fundamentalist government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is committing a systematic massacre against the Palestinians.

The diplomat stressed that Turkey has no intention of standing idly by in the face of the massacre taking place in the Gaza Strip.

Fidan stressed that the only way to stop the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip is the two-state solution.

The Minister also thanked Brazil for its support of the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel before the United Nations International Court of Justice regarding genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Since the start of the Israeli bombing on the aforementioned coastal strip on October 7, more than 36,600 people have lost their lives, including 15,000 minors, while tens of thousands of buildings, schools, hospitals, and United Nations offices have been destroyed.

On at least three occasions, the United States has vetoed resolutions introduced in the UN Security Council to approve a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, where Israel claims it is acting against the armed wing of the resistance movement Hamas.


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