The subject asked a girl to “stretch her legs”

A person has been arrested in Miami by the police authorities, after he maintained lewd behavior with a minor who was only 11 years old.

According to the local media report, the detainee has been identified as Jorge Alberto Reyes Jimenez, 52, who, as if nothing had happened, asked the girl to open her legs, when she was sitting inside the Home Depot, located in Little Havana.

It turns out that the victim did nothing but wait for her parents, who were shopping at the store. From one moment to the next, the pervert approached him and asked if his parents were “close.”

Immediately after this, the individual asked the girl “if she likes older men,” and then proceeded to outrageously request that she spread her legs, assuring that no one around her would “notice.”

But the victim, who was seeking immediate help, reported a local employee. After that, the worker reported the situation to the Miami police.

“He would sit in front of the victim and look directly between her legs, and he would move to put himself in a better position and see what was on top of her dress.”Police report says.

For his part, Reyes Jimenez claimed he was only listening to audio recordings on his phone, talking to himself about what he was allegedly hearing. However, the report confirms that the detainee “remembers asking the victim if she was alone, whether she was afraid of him, and whether he wanted her to leave.”

In addition, he maintained that he had never asked the victim to open her legs, but that there was a “possibility” of saying something similar to her, but not directly to her.

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Now, the accused will have to await the decision of the powerful American justice, while he remains at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, on $7,500 bail.

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