Gareth Bale announces his retirement from professional football

There are parts of the world where football It is not the most popular sport, let alone the most important, but on some occasions in those places some phenomena appear with their charm and raise the name of their country to magnify it with their extraordinary occupations, that is the case of Gareth BaleThe Welsh footballer who announced today that he is leaving the professional arena.

Gareth Frank Bale was born in Cardiff, welsh In the United Kingdom and made his debut for Southampton on 17 April 2006 at the age of 16. His speed and power made him attract the attention of locals and outsiders, and a year later he signed with Tottenham Hotspur for 7 years. Contract. Million Euros. He played for six years in the London team where he caught the attention of teams like Manchester United, Chelsea or even Barcelona, ​​but that was until 2013 when he decided to go to Real Madridthe club where an indelible story is written.

What did Gareth Bale win in his career?

With Tottenham he won the League Cup while with Real Madrid He won one King’s Cup, three league championships, three Spanish Super Cups, five UEFA Champions Leagues, three European Super Cups and four Club World Cups.

In his career, Cardiff Express scored a total of 142 goals and was a key piece for their national team’s return to the World Cup after more than 60 years in Qatar 2022, with Bale scoring once.

Gareth Bale

He was a partner in

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Cristiano Ronaldo

s Karen Benzema in it Real Madrid Together, the three shaped an historic era at the club, cementing the attacking trident known as the BBC (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano) into one of the most deadly football teams in Spain and Europe.

This is how Gareth Bale announced his retirement

Without a doubt, Gareth Bale is a historical star. Today, at the age of 33, he announced his retirement from professional football with an emotional message.

After careful and considered consideration, I announce my immediate retirement from club and international football.

I feel very fortunate to have realized my dream of playing the sport that I love. You really gave me some of the best moments of my life. 17-season highs that will be impossible to repeat, no matter what the next chapter throws at me.

From my first game at Southampton to my last for LAFC and everything in between, they have shaped my club career for which I am so proud and grateful. Playing for my country and leading the team 111 times was truly a dream come true.

Showing my gratitude to all those who have played their part in this journey feels like the impossible. I am indebted to so many people for helping me transform my life and shape my career in ways I could never have dreamed of when I started at the age of nine.

To my former clubs, Southampton, Tottenham, Real Madrid and finally LAFC.

All the former managers and coaches, the back room staff, my teammates, all the dedicated fans, my agents, my amazing friends and family, the impact I have had is immeasurable.

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My parents and my sister, without their dedication in those early days, without such a strong foundation, I wouldn’t be writing this statement now, so thank you for setting me on this path and for your unconditional support.

My wife and children, their love and support for me. Right by my side through all the ups and downs, keeping me grounded all the way. You inspire me to be better and I make you proud.

So, I move forward with anticipation to the next stage of my life.

A time for change and transition, an opportunity for a new adventure.

adn40, always with me.

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