Anahi and Carol J present the most emotional version of ‘Sálvame’

Mexico City.– Last Saturday, June 11, attendees party Carol Jas part of “Pechota tour”an unexpected moment passed: in the middle of the show, the Colombian star invited the singer to go to the stage I am her.

Over 20,000 souls present at the Mexico City Arena exploded when they saw Anahi on stage. The ecstasy reached its climax when both artists presented an emotional version of “Save me”one of the most allegorical ballads from RBD and Spanish-speaking pop.

“When it came to my mind to invite her, I knew she had been away from the stage for 11 years. Carol J. said.

“It’s a very emotional moment for two reasons: One, because I’m a huge fan. Second, because she was so nervous, she didn’t know if people would respond to her coming out. I told him this moment was going to be so epic that it wouldn’t happen again. We miss her on stage.”

“It was a great honor to be with you,” Anahi commented. “You know I’ve been a little far, 11 years I haven’t stopped on stage, nerves are strong. I just want to tell you that you are always in my heart, what we live together and what we build together, is never forgotten. They are a wonderful generation!”

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Viral video, now in its professional version

Photo: Courtesy Universal Music

Both singers’ performances have been immortalized on video, and are now available on digital platforms.

During the special performance, more than 20,000 people gathered at the Mexico City Arena were able to be part of the video in an unprecedented chorus for a new version of “Sálvame”. The anthem of a generation will undoubtedly remain in the hearts of RBD fans and new generations who love Karol G’s music.

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“Sálvame” is one of the most famous songs of the Mexican band RBD, immortalized by the voice of Anahí, and is part of the album Rebelde published at the end of 2004, which quickly reached the diamond and gold record in Mexico due to the high sales. , which also affected Brazil and Ecuador with a gold record, as well as Triple Platinum in Colombia and Platinum in Chile.

From Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, to Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and Spain, RBD managed to break the language barrier and set records, as the first Spanish-speaking group to fill the Brazilian Maracana stadium in 2006.

It is the highest-grossing and best-selling group in Latin America with over 10 million records worldwide, and over 10 million tickets on its world tour.


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