The start of the new school year in the coast of Ecuador and the Galapagos (+ photo)

More than 2.4 million students have joined classes, amid major infrastructure problems for more than 150 education centers, which have prevented those facilities from opening and led to the transfer of their students.

“We celebrate seeing each other’s faces again, sharing experiences, and that girls, boys and teens once again fill every corner of schools and colleges with colour, laughter, ideas and joy,” said Education Minister, Maria Brown, at the opening ceremony of the school year from the port city of Guayaquil.

With regard to returning to attend, he explained that it was decided to take into account the analysis of each stage of the Covid-19 pandemic and the results of the vaccination campaign.

Regarding the details of the teaching process that started today, he explained that there are 165,000 student transfers between financial education institutions and 154,200 new enrollments in general education.

On the other hand, the staff of teachers in financial education is close to 90 thousand.

Although the teaching will be face-to-face, due to the damage to the infrastructure of many schools, in some cases the teaching will be taught in a mixed manner between classroom attendance and virtual.

Regarding the new cycle, the day before the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) issued guidelines for mask use in schools and colleges across the country.

Among the recommendations is the use of the mask by students, teachers, and other actors in the educational community indoors in classrooms and other areas with limited or reduced ventilation.

Likewise, students with respiratory symptoms should not attend classes until symptoms are gone or they have had a negative PCR or antigen test for Covid-19.

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In this context, teachers and administrative staff in a similar situation should go to a health center and follow medical recommendations.

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