Ukrainian pilots completed basic training in the United Kingdom

The program is designed to provide trainee pilots with combat aviation capabilities in accordance with NATO standards.

The UK has provided basic training for Ukrainian fighter air pilots as a contribution to the international coalition for the capabilities of Ukraine's air forces.

The first group of RAF-trained Ukrainian pilots are now learning to fly F-16 fighter jets in Denmark, having completed their basic training program in the UK.

The RAF began providing English-language aviation and training in August 2023, as part of the UK's contribution to the International Alliance for Air Force Capabilities in Ukraine, where allies and partners work together to enhance air capabilities from Ukraine.

The group consists of six experienced Ukrainian fighter pilots who have received English-specific aviation training to increase their proficiency to participate in coalition training and support.

Ten other Ukrainian trainee pilots took part in the language training and will remain in the UK to continue their basic flight training, as well as learning important skills such as aviation medicine and centrifuge training.

As indicated by the British Ministry of Defense, the program is designed to provide trainee pilots with the necessary skills to advance to the next stage of fighter aircraft training with partner countries and bring future Ukrainian pilots closer to the approach to flying according to NATO standards.

Pilots undergoing the Basic Flying Training Program receive hands-on lessons in Grob Tutor aircraft with experienced RAF instructors, learning general handling procedures, instrument flying, low- and mid-level navigation, and formation flying.

In addition to pilot training, dozens of Ukrainian aviation technicians also receive engineering training in English.

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Once they have completed their training with the RAF, pilots will be trained by another European country in advanced flight training. This will prepare them for training on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which is overseen by Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States, which leads the Air Force Capabilities Alliance.

The Prime Minister confirmed the UK's intention to support the Air Force Capabilities Alliance earlier this year with basic training, as the UK does not operate the F-16 aircraft selected by Ukraine to develop its future air force. The UK will continue this support for Ukrainian pilots and ground staff in 2024.

The trainees join more than 53,000 Ukrainians who have received training in the UK since Putin first ordered the invasion of Crimea in 2014. Last month, the Defense Secretary announced that the UK would seek to train another 10,000 Ukrainian recruits in the first half of 2024. Part of the Interflex process.

As well as offering a wide range of training programmes, the UK continues to support Ukraine in repelling Russian forces. As part of the UK's £4.6 billion military support, long-range missiles, Western main battle tanks and logistical support were provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Featured Image: UK MOD © Crown Copyright 2023

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