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According to the newspaper As from Spain, 165 of the 211 associations linked to FIFA said yes to President Gianni Infantino.

Diario As

FIFA has submitted to its 211 federations a plan to hold the World Cup every two years, which must be approved or rejected at the General Assembly to be held in March 2022 and which, according to first estimates, It has the support of 165 countries, enough majority to be accepted. The problem, however, is that the two most powerful continental confederations, UEFA with its 55 federations, and CONMEBOL, which has only ten federations but including Brazil and Argentina. The opposition of both unions, led by Aleksander Ceferin and Alejandro Dominguez, led to a direct confrontation with Gianni Infantino.FIFA president who refers to the division in football.

The new semi-annual World Cup will be played in the format that will be released in the 2026 edition, which will take place between the United States, Mexico and Canada. There will be 48 teams divided into 16 groups of three teams. The rating will be reduced to two windows (March and October) and even this phase will be reduced to an intense 28 days.

The biennial World Cup will result in losses estimated at $8.9 billion for European Championships

“The World Cup every two years will be less expected and less valuable. It is related to the economic aspect”

According to two of the most important International consultants appointed by the organisation, Nielsen and Open Economics, the economic impact of the World Cup will be extraordinary It will have little effect on the international calendar. In short, these are the conclusions made by FIFA for all the national associations that make up it:

  • FIFA World Cup every two years That would mean an increase of 4400 million In dollars in revenue for FIFA.
  • $7 billion increase (48 team championship) to $11.4 billion in press, television, sponsorship and ticket rights.
  • The net results of the new income stream will be distributed in New Solidarity Fund.
  • wallpaper about $3.5 billion in the first four-year cycle will be allocated to football development projects.
  • in the middle, Each union can get $16 million per round Four years, this is in addition to the current investment of FIFA Forward, which It will go from $6 million to $9 million.
  • Increase in the global distribution of FIFA funds It would contribute to reducing the income gap between the most and least developed countries, because FIFA is the only governing body that distributes its income worldwide.
  • Holding the World Cup every two years means… An increase of $80 billion in global GDP over 16 years and nearly 1 million jobs all over the world.
  • Revenue from the five major European Championships and the UEFA Champions League has steadily increased year by year, regardless of whether the major finals of the national team tournaments are overlapping (i.e. the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League). In other words, Scheduling related competitions for national teams does not detract from the income generated from international club and team competitions.
  • The historical record shows that there is no negative relationship between the income generated in the final stages of the national team and the club league. Experimental data collected in the past decade shows that together, Revenue growth in the five major European competitions has been higher in the seasons in which a major national team tournament has been organized. Citizens in relation to others in which no such tournaments were held (42% vs. 26%).
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