Every day, a free game from Epic Games (Updated)

The video game platform will offer a daily title for free from December 16-30, as it did in 2021. The fifth video game in the show is Loop Hero, which is available for 24 hours.

As it happened in 2020, Epic Games decided that they would be wrapping up the year as a gift. From Thursday, December 16 to Thursday, December 30, the Epic Games Store will offer one free game per day. It will be announced on the official networks and will only be available for 24 hours; Therefore, it will be necessary to be very attentive so as not to miss anything. The free game today, Monday December 20th, is Loop Hero.

Epic Games | Free games: one game a day

Every day, all Epic Games users should be vigilant not to miss the free game of the day. Via official siteEpic Games Store will announce 1 free video game per day, which will only be available for download permanently for 24 hours. Anyone who downloads it in that period will have the game permanently; If they fail to do so, they lose the opportunity.

Epic Games - Christmas

Loop Hero, the free game from the Epic Games Store for Monday, December 20

The fifth day of the big promotion for epic christmas games, which already included free downloads of Shenmue 3, Neon Abyss, and Remnant: From the Ashes and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. today, Monday, December 20, the free game on the Epic Games Store hero ring.

hero ring It is an endless RPG in which endless worlds are generated randomly and to change the course of actions, the player does not control the person directly, but through different types of cards: buildings, terrain, enemies and more.

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from today, Monday December 20 And for 24 hours, the game can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store hero ring. It is available at this time until 1:00 PM tomorrow Tuesday December 21st.


Vanishing Ethan Carter Trailer |  PS4

Epic Games: All Free Christmas Games

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