Medicine, technology and art in the same profession

the aesthetic medicine sample how Science, health and art together in one The same discipline. In this universe live Dr. Jose Rosales. He is one of those scholars who know how few there are Balance Enter Sizes and textures how ABC of beauty. ‘I’ve always loved maill The art of aesthetics, consistency and the pursuit of perfection. I think it is largely due to the contribution of my father, who was also a surgeon, the specialist comments and adds that “being plastic surgery It is the most beautiful profession for me, but also the most challenging. Deal with flaws the body and convert it to a file harmonious result On the horizon it is a beautiful challenge to be met.

These words explain why, if you think of a specialized To find out your alternatives for Aesthetic treatmentsYou should think about this An outstanding Venezuelan professional. Dr. Rosales formed as Surgeon at Romulo Gallegos University, graduating in 2010. In the ensuing decade, he has been forming Practical experience While I majored in General Surgery At Dr. Luis Razetti University Hospital in Barinas. Already in 2016, he started specializing in Plastic and reconstructive surgery At Dr. Jesus Yerina Hospital, in Caracas, where he graduated in 2018 plastic surgery.

“Being a plastic surgeon is the most beautiful profession for me,” says Dr. Rosales.


Senior Professional: Specialties of Dr. Rosales

they Consultation rooms They are in the city Caracas, Barinas and San Cristobal, where he serves his patients. Continuing his training, in 2019 he completed his master’s degree in breast surgery with celebrities plastic surgery Denise Hammond, in Michigan City, United States. In addition, it contains a file specialization in rhinoplasty, Which he completed in Istanbul, Turkey with Dr. Teoman Dogan, who is one of the The best plastic surgeons in rhinoplasty all over the world.

Regarding his areas of specialization, he tells us that “by frequency, the breast surgery It is still the most requested, followed by belly the two in tummy tuck As is the case in High definition liposuction s Transference glútea; But I would say that rhinoplasty is gaining more and more popularity every day. Added to all this is that Dr. Rosales He also specializes in body sculpting surgery, High definition liposuction With training in the use of technologies such as VASER®, Microaire PAL® and RENUVION® J-PLASMA, tummy tuck s gluteal augmentation Among other aesthetic procedures. The eminent specialist also has extensive experience working with biopolymers.

Dr. Rosales Aesthetic Treatment Insights You Should Know

Among the most requested procedures, breast surgery It is very prominent. On the subject, he points out that the most common is “ in principle Implant replacement s breast firmness, followed by Abdominal surgery Generally after pregnancy.

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