The Science Museum celebrates its 28th anniversary as a National Historic Heritage

September is translated as a holiday for the Museum of Science (Muci), as the first of the aforementioned month was declared in 1993 as a National Historic Monument due to the diverse wealth of its multiple collections, amounting to a heritage of nearly 150,000 objects.

But it is not only the collection of preserved and preserved pieces for the promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge that give value to this museum, the architectural beauty of its emblematic facilities is also a heritage treasure, where nature fuses with the art of two icons. The Masters: Neoclassical Architecture and Art Deco Decorative Elements by Carlos Raul Villanueva with the aesthetics of Francisco Narváez.

Photo: Archive

The Science Museum was founded on October 28, 1875 with the initial name of the National Museum. Then in 1930, on the initiative of an art critic named Enrique Blanchart, it was planned to build the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural Sciences, which were opened in 1938 and 1940, respectively.

Muci’s collections are diverse, varied and prolific, a heritage made up of: physical anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, herpetology, ichthyology, invertebrates, mineralogy, ornithology, ethnography, paleontology and theology, among others. In other words, this museum protects, preserves and displays both animals such as reptiles, mammals and insects, among others, such as bones, baskets, ceramics, metal and many other pieces. / CP

Source: MPPC Press

Photo: Archive
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