The satirical series “starring” Prince George causes outrage in the United Kingdom

Trailer image for the series the prince, Where you see Prince George and Queen Elizabeth II.

“This is disgusting”, “This is indecent and disrespectful”, “Ultimate and not funny at all”, “Awful”, “This is really in bad taste”.

Among the messages that received the most likes:

‘campaign to smear Royals by Harry, Meghan, and Oprah, but use an eight-year-old for this. Absolute shame hbomax. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are much nicer and more elegant than that.”

Is the United States responsible? broadcast To whom can I complain about abusive and inappropriate programs? This is far from bad on so many levels! “

Animated series The Prince HBO Max
Among the actors who voiced this is Orlando Bloom, who played Prince Harry.

“Can the royal family sue this? Using the photo of 3 minors plus their names without permission.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen Sussex and Kensington fans agree on something. Kids are off limits.”

“I’m very disappointed that HBO chose to work with someone like Gary Janetti. And I’m disappointed with all the celebrities who lent their voices to the characters on the show.”

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