The sad farewell of United States national team star Megan Rapinoe after she was injured in her last match: “I am broken”

Megan Rapinoe, one of the star soccer players in the United States, was far from achieving her dream of retiring from the field. The 38-year-old woman He’s finished his career This Sunday in the final NWSL (US Women’s League) but It didn’t turn out as I expected. Before He went away injured And his team lost.

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Three minutes after the match, Rapino She fell to the ground, showing clear signs of pain. Through tears the player had to leave the field because He suffered a serious injury that did not allow him to continue the match.

The audience is present in the stands He did not hesitate to praise the international player with the United States.

To make matters worse, Rapinoe’s team, Era OL, Lost 2-1 to Gotham He couldn’t retire with another title under his arm.

“It’s definitely not how I imagined this last game. “I’m pretty sure I tore my Achilles tendon.”Meghan expressed in the official broadcast. And the ruling: “If there is a God, this is proof that he does not exist.”

A sad farewell to the star of the United States national team, Megan Rapinoe, after she was injured in her last match: “I am broken.”

Who is Megan Rapinoe?

Megan Rapinoe Born on June 5, 1985 in Redding, California. During his time in high school he ventured into playing football For state and regional teams until his professional debut in 2009.

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played in Seattle Sounders, Olympique Lyonnais and OL Reigns. Although much of his stardom came from his participation in it USA Women’s Team.

With the national team. Megan Rapinoe Conquered Gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics And France won the 2019 Women’s World Cupwhere he also resided The golden ball For being the “Most Valuable Player” and Golden Shoe For being the top scorer in the competition with 6 goals and 3 assists. And it happened too He finished second in the 2011 World Cup.

In September 2019, the magazine France Football Rapinoe gave FIFA Golden Ball how best player

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