Science attracts the interest of Chetumal students

Students from the Center for Secondary Studies “Eva Samano de López Mateos” in Chetumal visit the Bahia Campus of the Autonomous University of Quintana Roo (UKRO), as part of the “They in Science” program. With the aim of arousing interest in science among students.

Dr. Silvia Patricia Fragoso Cervone gave a guided tour of the Natural Resources Laboratory at the Okro Chetumal Bahia Campus to the fifth semester students at the high school campus, as well as a detailed explanation of the educational programs with the aim of encouraging their interest in the hard sciences.

The “They in Science” program arouses the interest of female students For the fifth semester of secondary education in professions in the fields of science through cooperative activities between higher education institutions and scientific research centers, in addition to promoting gender equality.

The students’ tour included a lecture on citizen participation and government oversight through the use of the National Transparency Platform, presented by Dr. Tania Libertad Kamal Chiloga and Chantal Avalos Mendez, a student of the Government and Public Administration degree at UKRO.

Dr. Edith Osorio de la Rosa, He gave a lecture on photovoltaics at the Photovoltaic Park The day concluded with a talk on “Benthic Marine Animals” by Dr. Jennifer Ruiz Hernandez.

Teacher Angelina Yah Torres, Head of the Equality and Inclusion Unit of Okro, welcomed the group of high school students to the state capital at the highest educational institution of the people of Quintana Roo.

He stated that the program It began at the end of October and will continue through November and December of this year.

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He added that fifth semester students from various secondary school systems will visit Okro institutions, where they will participate in project presentations and activities of an academic and scientific nature carried out by students and research teachers at the university.

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