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We mean, the most important instant messaging platform in the world WhatsApp, provides you with different security and privacy functions, such as: two-step verification; access keys; Receive the authentication code via email, and other important tools.

However Fingerprint unlock is one of the best security options to protect all the information in your conversations Personal, group and even notebooks, where you often write down credit or debit card numbers, emails, passwords, addresses and more confidential data that you do not want to share with third parties.

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On this occasion from Debor we will tell you Why is it important that you activate fingerprint unlock on your WhatsApp account. We’ll also teach you the steps to do just that in a matter of seconds.

What happens if you don’t enable fingerprint unlock in WhatsApp

  • As mentioned before, anyone who tampers with your phone will be able to review the information in your conversations.
  • This means that You will have access to messages and multimedia files that you have sent or received.
  • In addition, they will see your call log, know who you have blocked and hidden from your statuses.
  • Finally and suddenly The most dangerous outcomeSomeone will be able to link your WhatsApp Web, desktop or tablet account without your knowledge.
  • All versions work independently thanks to Multi-Device Mode, which means they will be able to see your new messages and chats even if your smartphone is offline or turned off.
  • To enable fingerprint unlock, open the app > tap the three dots icon (top right) > enter Settings.
  • Find the section that says “and touch itPrivacy“>I’ll scroll down and click”Fingerprint lock“.
  • Finally, choose whether you want to lock the app immediately (after exiting), after 1 or 30 minutes of inactivity.
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This happens with your WhatsApp account if you remove the SIM card from your cell phone

  • First, remember that WhatsApp It is an application that works with an internet connection.
  • It is true that the WhatsApp application requires you to have a cell phone number to create an account, but if you receive a phone call, you will not answer it through the application.
  • He only asks for the number to confirm that it belongs to you, as it is a very important security filter. How does he know that? Since the app sends you a “verification code” via SMS, you are required to create an account.
  • After that, the app will not use your number again, unless you change smartphones.
  • If you remove Card Sim You will be able to chat normally, as long as you have internet access, however, if you are using the mobile data of your contracted plan, when the SIM is removed you will no longer be able to chat, make or receive calls and video calls.
  • It will also not allow you to link your account in WhatsApp Web or Desktop versions, and if they are open they will be automatically closed because they are mobile based (something that will change soon with the “Multi-device” mode).
  • It is recommended not to remove or block the chip if it is lost, as this way cybercriminals will be able to access all your account information.

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What happens when you enable WhatsApp fingerprint?

“As an additional privacy measure, you can use an app lock for WhatsApp on your phone. If you activate the feature, you will need to use facial or fingerprint recognition to unlock access to the app. Even if the app is blocked, you will be able to answer calls.” .

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