The Russian opponent’s “deepfakes” were actually someone else similar to the

A few days ago, news came out deep Russian opponent Leonid Volkov toured the world. Parliamentarians from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom held a meeting for Zoom with someone they claimed was Volkov. However, he was an impostor. The most disturbing point in the story was that the deceiver confirmed that the show was made using artificial intelligence and “evolving technologies.” deep«. Nothing is further from reality.

It was now known that they resorted to a trick as primitive as it was effective. Fake Volkov was not A. deepBut it is the same appearance. And there was no kind of artificial intelligence in the process. A little bit of makeup, a poorly lit scene, and a lot of disorientation were part of this amazing combo.

However, the last straw was that The real Volkov posted a real photo of him accusing her of being A. deep. It is clear that reality this time is not overcome by imagination, but by reality itself.

Russian competitor Leonid Volkov and deep It was not so

Alexei Stolyarov, Leonid Volkov | Credit: The Edge

the edge I published a report in which I revealed it The fake Leonid Volkov was actually a prankster named Alexei Stolyarov. Together with Russian Vladimir Kuznetsov, they held the farce with the sole purpose of mocking their victims.

In their country, the duo are notorious for different pranks against prominent figures in Western politics and celebrities. Stolyarov and Kuznetsov they have YouTube channel With more than 110,000 subscribers, they spread scams. What they usually do is communicate over the phone with the people on the list and Shift the conversation until they get phrases that allow them to be sarcastic.

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