The Rubio Foundation promotes another edition of the Science and Technology Fair – Menorca

More than a thousand first- and second-year ESO students from all institutes and coordinating centers in Menorca will visit the fourth edition of the Science and Technology Fair on March 25, 26 and 27, which will be installed in the Menorca space (the former Mao fairgrounds).

The Science and Technology Fair is an initiative of the Rubio Foundation, which has been promoting and sponsoring it, in biannual editions, since 2018.

It is an event whose primary goal is to awaken scientific and technical vocations among teenagers, in addition to enhancing their entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging the revitalization of teaching science and technology. It is planned that there will be dual interaction between the exhibiting students and the visiting students. ESO third and fourth students, led and supervised by their teachers, are responsible for presenting the demonstration projects they have prepared since the beginning of the academic year, from the exhibition stands. For their part, first and second year ESO students from all educational centers visit them where they can learn about the projects and even participate in their contents.

In this fourth edition, there will be ten platforms where different demonstration projects will be presented that will be carried out by students and teachers from seven educational centers on the island, such as IES Pasqual Calbó y Caldés, IES Maria Àngels Cardona or IES Pasqual Calbó y Caldés. CIFP del Centro del Mar., among others, as well as two entities in the scientific and educational field such as the Institute of Minorca Studies and the Permanent Teacher Training Service.

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For this year's edition, we wanted to regulate the capacity of high school visitors, and limit the number of attendees in order to be able to provide a more participatory and better quality visit. “The visiting groups will be smaller because we want to improve the experience provided between the exhibiting student and the visiting student,” explains José Antonio Villas, exhibition coordinator and member of the Rubio Foundation Board of Trustees. The main topics that will provide content for the exhibition will revolve around robotics, physics, chemistry, environment, etc.

Although school visits will not begin until March 25, the exhibition will officially open on Saturday, March 23 with an open day, which can be visited free of charge by anyone interested in participating with exhibiting students and teaching staff. Their teachers, and the projects presented that they have been working on for months. Visiting hours for the day at Portes Obertes will be 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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