What is a catastrophic explosion and on what day in 2024 will it occur?

he physicalAnd also a publisher com. tiktoker known as @mike_phy A simple explanation to all Internet users about a phenomenon that is about to occur and that only a few know about it. It is Nova explosion Which can be seen in the sky in the coming days.

Through a videohe world He said that a catastrophic explosion is about to occur, and it is an astronomical phenomenon that people only have the opportunity to experience once, and it is exciting and full of strange facts of interest to astronomy lovers. space.

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It is a recurring nova that occurs every 80 years. Screenshot IG/mike_phy

What is a catastrophic explosion?

Mikfi He explained in less than a minute that three thousand light years from Earth there are two stars; White Lullaby and a red giant are so close that they could interact with each other, which will lead to an uncontrolled thermonuclear explosion, which is claimed to be a hydrogen explosion in space.

In addition, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (a pot), and also confirmed that it will be seen from Land This happens because the white dwarf star extracts matter from… a star The red giant accumulates on its surface, which is why it will eventually explode.

It is located three thousand light years from the planet. Freebec

What will happen on Earth?

The expert said that it is not known when or at what point it will happen, but it is known that it will be in March or even September 2024 and that has been the case since then. Land It will look like a star that will fade within a week, so it is important to appreciate the sky from time to time.

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The other important thing is that this phenomenon will not pose any danger to the world LandBut it is recommended that anyone who wants to enjoy and appreciate the sky use binoculars or telescopes to enhance the viewing experience.

You will look like a star. Freebec

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