In the United Kingdom they celebrate this date

Andcase for Kate Middleton It has become a mystery since the abdominal surgery. The Princess of Wales has not made an official appearance yet since last January, except in… British Royal House There is no panic. They have already warned that Middleton will not make another official appearance until at least next Easter. This is getting closer and from the UK they are already indicating a possible date.

As published this morning by the British newspaper The Times on April 17, 2024The Princess of Wales will officially appear again and explain everything that happened during these months. The portal relies on various sources close to Middleton, especially several friends. In addition, the newspaper also warned that the princess will provide some details about her health condition.

One of her friends suggests that this is how Middleton would like to convey what happened after abdominal surgery. For him, the heir to the throne and the princess “are more open when they interact with the public and I can see a world where the princess can talk about her recovery in her engagements. “If she's going to do it, this is how she's going to do it.”

“Kate Middleton is not a show pony.”

They believe that both the British Royal House and Kate Middleton are doing well in not providing any details about her health condition yet. He had no reasons, moreover,”There is almost no one in the world whose face, body and clothes are more judged than hers. “So it's absolutely valid that they don't want to get drawn into a game about what happens to their health.”

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A friend of the royal couple, who met them at university, doesn't understand where the controversy lies. “What's happening is exactly what they said would happen: He would spend two weeks in the hospital and return after Easter. “It's not a show pony.”Advertise in The Times.

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