The role of girls and women in science and technology will be the topic of a university forum | Orientation | magazine

The event will be digital.

The University of the Americas (UDLA) is organizing a forum on Thursday, April 29th, addressing the role of girls and women in science and technology to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day on the third Sunday in April.

According to 2020 UNESCO data, 29.3% of women were researchers despite proposed initiatives for gender equality, and equality at work, among others.

The forum is organized by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and was called “An interconnected woman builds a great future”. In so doing, they seek to encourage girls’ participation in jobs such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The event will be at 12:00 and you can enter In this link to share.

Students from institutions and schools in the country participate in this activity, and it will be divided into two parts: The first seeks to discuss the importance of women and girls in engineering and technology; The most difficult obstacles they have to face to make a decision about their careers and their best allies, among other topics; The second is to showcase projects developed by students of professions related to information and communication technology.

Nathalie Orozco, the foundation’s professor of communications engineering, noted that women have been instrumental in the development of technology. (I)

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