The rapid reaction of European countries to the new wave of Covid in China

the An explosion of Covid-19 cases in China, derived from the withdrawal of most of the restrictions imposed throughout the pandemic, has generated anxiety around the world. The number of registered cases a The record in the Asian giant On December 2, although the infection rate has fallen in the past three weeks and fewer tests have been conducted, the fear that has arisen beyond Chinese borders over an expected spread similar to what occurred two years ago has not yet occurred. Aviation stopped over the countries of the old continent.

Although the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) excluded that the increase in Covid-19 cases in China will affect the epidemiological situation in Europe, mainly due to the high immunity of the population of El Viejo, there is still Worried about the situation in the second largest economy on the planetwhich prompted action of European governments.

restrictions in Spain

The Spanish government announced last week that it would require passengers from China to obtain Complete vaccination schedule, that is, a Covid certificate, a measure that entered into force this Tuesday by order of the Ministry of Health. As published in the State Gazette, if you do not have a file covid certificate EU digital code or equivalent, passengers must have an active infection diagnostic test certificate with a negative result belonging to one of the following types: PCRwhose sample was obtained within seventy-two hours prior to departure, or an antigen detection test, whose sample was obtained within the twenty-four hours prior to departure.

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the first Temperature and symptom checks They have already started on Saturday, December 31, direct flights from China arriving in Spain that will only land at Madrid and Barcelona airports, due to fear of a new outbreak that will leave the country’s economy frozen again.

anyway There are no positive results yet In coronavirus tests for passengers from China, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sanchez, announced that the government has already spoken with the autonomous communities to coordinate actions in the event that any positive results or any symptoms associated with coronavirus disease are detected.

In addition, from the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians prof Recall the preservation of the use of maskseven if it is not mandatory, in a series of situations, so that the most vulnerable populations are protected, and so that everyone cooperates to protect the most vulnerable groups.

Italy and France, afraid after the 2020 crisis

The Italian government was the first in the European Union to announce the measures, forcing all travelers from China to file Negative coronavirus test. The Italian Ministry of Health’s ranking also includes transit travelers and It will be valid, in principle, until the end of January.

The French government has implemented three measures aimed at “protecting the French” from the risks of the emergence of new types of coronavirus. First, France will require travelers arriving by plane from China to show a Negative Covid-19 test taken within 48 hours before the flighte., thus joining other countries such as Italy and Spain, which have already decided to strengthen border control with the Asian country.

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Also , The use of a mask will be mandatory during the flight And as of January 1, Random polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests on passengers have begun In order to conduct epidemiological surveillance and track possible new variants of the virus. Finally, the French executive branch appealed to the citizens of France to postpone their trips to China, unless for compelling reasons.

Belgium, the last to take action

In the same week, Belgium announced that it would step up surveillance due to the increase in coronavirus cases in China, but that Travelers from this country will not be forced to take Covid tests. However, Belgium plans to implement two new measures, starting with lTo collect and analyze sewage from aircraft Landing at Brussels Airport from China.

In addition, it was requested that travelers returning from China View symptoms related to coronavirus Undergo a PCR test or antigens, which must be sent to a lab using genetic sequencing technology.

he is too British government Confirmed that it will order from the next 5 january travelers from China Show a A negative COVID-19 test result Made before leaving the Asian country to enter England.

Thus, the United Kingdom joins other countries such as United States, Italy, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Japanwhich also ordered new measures after China reported a massive increase in cases as a result of easing its anti-virus strategy.

Free clips

In addition to taking preventive measures in each country, the European Union China offered Free vaccines against the virus To help you deal with the massive outbreak the authorities are experiencing after restrictions are lifted. The initiative of the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, would have been implemented in recent days, with the aim of organizing a European response to the wave of infections.

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“The European Union is ready to offer its support, including expertise in the field of public health and vaccine donations,” the Commissioner said a few days ago through her profile on the social network Twitter. next to, The international community has called for transparency To the Chinese authorities, because they question the data provided regarding the numbers of deaths and injured.

On the same Wednesday, a meeting convened by Sweden, the country that has been presiding over the Council of the European Union since January 1, took place at Discuss potential coordination restrictions For travelers from China due to the expansion of Covid in the Asian country.

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