The UK is experiencing another day of rail strikes, to which bus strikes have been added

United kingdom Live this wednesday another day of strikesAnd the Through strikes seconded by railway workers, some bus drivers and highway watchmen responsible for driving test drives.

Members of the British Union of Railways, Navigation and Transport (RMT) working for Network Rail and 14 other UK train operators They continue the pressure gauge that started on Tuesday, while they will do another 48 hours from Friday.

To this limit Join the bus drivers in LondonAnd the This will particularly affect the southern and western regions of the capital, while those in charge of highway control centers are going on strike to demand better wages.

Some responsible for making Test drives in London, the south east and south west England and Wales have begun to strike.

caused these blows Crisis in the UK has been going on for monthsThese sectors are asking for higher salaries due to the sharp increase in inflation, which exceeded 10%.

The government opposes negotiation

railway sector You claim a 7% salary increase, but Network Rail only offers 5%.

The General Secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Paul Novak, has called for this Urgent meeting with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to get through the crisis.

In a letter to Rishi Sunak, reported by the media, Nowak said so Public services are in crisis after years of underfunding and staffing.

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We cannot solve these problems without treating people on the front lines fairly.. Every month, experienced employees quit and one in three public service employees are now taking steps to leave or are actively considering quitting their jobs. This is simply untenable,” Novak wrote in his post.

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“But we cannot fix the employment crisis in our schools, hospitals and elsewhere if we do not fix the underlying causes. And that means talking openly and constructively about improving public sector wages. But so far his ministers have refused to negotiate wages directly with the unions.“, he added.

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