The rains affected more than 26,000 Guatemalans this weekend

Due to the effects of a cold front and low pressure system, the rains caused flooding and erosion in three provinces: northeastern Alta Verapaz and Isabel, as well as El Progreso in the center.

From the first, in the neighborhood of El Esfuerzo, municipality of Banzos, the floods reached several homes, said Conred spokesman Rodolfo García.

He added that a similar situation occurred in the urban area of ​​2nd Street and 3rd Street in Copán, in the provincial capital, as well as on the Terraceria road towards the Gualom area.

The spokesman said that due to the emergency situations in Alta Verapaz, a total of 953 people were affected, and stressed that the increase in the flow of the Cahapón River had also arisen, which is why 28 homes are at risk.

In addition, he noted that the rains caused the Polochek River to overflow and submerge homes located in the neighborhood of La Playa, Banzos, Alta Verapaz, with 36 homes sustaining moderate damage and 39 homes affected.

García reported flooding in the village of Gemeritos and the dirt road leading to that town, in Puerto Barrios, Isabel, where there are about 320 affected residents.

It was concluded that in the village of Las Muretas, in San Antonio La Paz, in El Progreso, undermining resulted in the injury of eight people.

The rainy season in Guatemala has killed 58 people and affected nearly four million since the end of April until last Friday, according to the latest report by the Conred Center.

On that day, Tropical Storm Pilar moved away from the country, but due to the influence of the cold front, abundant clouds continued to enter from the Caribbean Sea or intermittent rain fell in the northern, Caribbean Sea and northern transect areas.

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For this reason, Conried called for taking strict precautions and remembering that there could be damage to the quetzal ground.

The rainy season begins in April in Boca Costa and the southwestern regions, then in the central plateau (including Guatemala City) and finally in the Petén department.

Three years later, La Niña gives way to El Niño, which is why the forecast calls for heavy rains, floods and droughts.

Guatemala warned of the effects of this phenomenon, especially in the eastern provinces such as El Progreso, Chiquimula, Zacapa, Jutiapa, Chimaltenango and part of this capital.


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