British media say that British special forces are on standby in Cyprus

British special forces are currently in Cyprus, monitoring developments in Gaza and the region as a whole, according to British media reports.

According to the newspaper the sunThese soldiers are ready to intervene to rescue British citizens trapped in the crisis in Gaza. It is estimated that around 200 British citizens are stranded in this area.

Although the main focus of these forces is Gaza, there are fears that the conflict could expand and affect more British citizens in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Lebanon.

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Despite the reports, the British Ministry of Defense has neither confirmed nor denied the presence of special forces in Cyprus, and has maintained its policy of not commenting on the issue.

However, it has been noted that the deployment of regular military personnel to British bases in Cyprus has been increased for the purpose of supporting emergency planning and humanitarian efforts across the region.

This increase includes the addition of more than 100 soldiers from the Joint Force Headquarters, a headquarters specializing in early response in the United Kingdom and crisis management.

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