Finland is favored for public investment

Helsinki, December 6 (Prensa Latina) The Finnish authorities today expressed their inclination to encourage public and private investment in the country in order to strengthen the economy and ensure the future.

Finnish Science Minister Sari Multala said she wants to boost public and private investment in research and development (R&D) to four percent of gross domestic product (GDP) so that many small and medium-sized companies can achieve the success achieved by mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia had fun at the time.

He insisted that it is known in Finland, as in almost the whole world, that investment in science improves jobs in the economy, gives it flexibility and increases the added value of its exports.

The government also realizes that these fruits are not usually achieved during the four or five years that electoral cycles generally last.

Therefore, unlike most countries in the world, this does not prevent successive governments from repeatedly betting on science, so that today spending on research and development (public and private) represents approximately three percent of GDP, that is, double what it is in countries such as Italy. He stated that Spain.

According to Sari Multala, the main reason for the new government has always been to improve productivity. He stressed in a press interview that the knowledge gained by science will be used by companies in innovations in cooperation with universities.

He commented that R&D has yet to regain the speed of 3.54 percent of GDP it achieved in 2008 thanks to the enormous contribution of Nokia Research.

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According to the official, the current government intends to rebuild this scheme by making official research institutes encourage more cooperation between companies and universities. He stressed that the goal of these four years is to erase the boundaries between science developed by universities and science in the private sector, so that research and development in both together in 2030 reaches four percent of the gross domestic product.


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