The PS5 is receiving a new firmware update that adds unreleased functionality

Find out all the details of the latest console update

The PS5 is rolling out its firmware with an update

One is available now A new software update is available for PlayStation 5the Version 24.03-09.20.00, which although seems more popular due to its new look, takes up more than 1GB to add a new functionality that was announced last March. In this way a Game help system It is now available for all players to submit evidence created by other players.

While traditional game help is only for PlayStation Plus subscribers, The Community Game Help extension is now available to all PS5 playersAnd invite them to contribute their videos. The feature can be toggled in the Captures & Streams pane of System Settings by selecting Captures, then Automatic Captures, and Community Game Help for sharing.

For now, Sony is just anticipating that The new feature is available in “Select Games”The function will be added “to as many titles as possible in the future.” It should be remembered that the videos are from the players They can be evaluated on the basis of their usefulness, which will help rank the most useful and informative content. Likewise, it will be possible to enjoy this function by pressing the PS button on the DualSense through business cards containing community guides. And in the PlayStation applicationAvailable on mobile devices.

In addition to this new functionality, the update has also been added Option to hide the “Game is connected remotely” message. Which is constantly displayed when using the function. To deactivate it, you have to go to Settings, System and Remote Play, where the Hide Remote Play connection status feature now appears. It is clear, The update also improves the performance and stability of the software With improved messaging and ease of use.

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Other improvements on PS5

In recent days, a hidden PS5 feature has also been discovered that improves game customization, proving this The console keeps secrets that only players can discover To reach as many people as possible by hiding so that it is known to everyone.

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