Schulz calls on Europe to continue increasing aid to Ukraine

Germany and the United Kingdom are preparing a new joint industrial program to develop artillery systems worth more than 8 billion pounds sterling, i.e. more than 9.3 billion euros.


Olaf Schulz calls on Europe to continue increasing military aid to Ukraine even after agreeing to the latest US aid package. Schulz met with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Discuss security, trade and migration.

We must strengthen NATO's European pillar. Especially when it comes to having sufficient deterrence capabilities. German Chancellor Olaf Schulz announced that our European deterrence and defense capabilities must have sufficient credibility.

She added, “It is an encouraging and necessary sign for the US Congress to release funds to support Ukraine. This shows that Putin misjudged whether he believed that Europe, the United States and other partners would abandon Ukraine at some point in the future.” Scholz on his social network X.

The UK and Germany are the largest European suppliers of military aid to Ukraine

The meeting between the leaders of Germany and the United Kingdom comes as the two countries prepare to launch a new joint industrial programme Development of artillery systemsInvestments by German companies in the United Kingdom exceed 8,000 million pounds sterling, or more than 9,300 million euros.

United kingdom Increase defense spending by 2.5% by the end of this decade According to Sunak, who said that the United Kingdom is committed to sending weapons to Ukraine worth 500 million pounds sterling, that is, more than 580 million euros.

Scholz and Sunak will work to increase their defense cooperation by upgrading fighters Eurofighter With the joint acquisition of RCH 155 howitzer.

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