Recipient of the Science and Chemistry Fair and the CASE Health Fair

Zacatecas. With the aim of promoting health among the student community of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences, those responsible for the various programs that make it up, in cooperation with the Center for Student Learning and Services (CASE), held a health fair.

Health Sciences District Coordinator Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, gathered in the E5 lobby, highlighted that this is a way for students to learn about what CASE, as well as other participating institutions, has to offer for physical and emotional health.

For her part, CASE Coordinator, Dolores Aldaba Andrade, commented that within this center that she manages, there is a university health promotion program, which brings together events such as health fairs to different academic units, in order to enhance the comprehensive training of graduates. students.

Director of the Academic Unit for Chemical Sciences, Maria Argilia Lopez Luna, said that this is an opportunity for them to learn about, share, benefit from and reproduce this knowledge with their families to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Participating institutions include: the Assistance Unit of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Institute's membership, the University Ombudsman's Office, youth integration centers, and others.

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