The Prime Minister of Vietnam heads to South Korea on an official visit

Thus, Minh Chin, who traveled accompanied by nine ministers, responded to the invitation extended to him by his South Korean counterpart, Han Dak Su, with whom he will hold official talks aimed at intensifying bilateral cooperation in traditional and emerging fields of interest to South Korea. With strengths, Vietnam has demand.

In recent press statements, the South Korean Prime Minister himself considered that Minh Chinh’s stay in his country would be an opportunity to enhance political trust and deepen strategic cooperation between the two countries.

After praising the very positive development that bilateral relations are currently showing, So stressed that Vietnam is a key partner, both in the Indo-Pacific Strategy and in the ASEAN-South Korea Solidarity Initiative (KASI) launched by Seoul in 2022 itself.

In the context of rapid changes in the Indo-Pacific region, South Korea wants to strengthen strategic cooperation with Vietnam, said the South Korean Prime Minister, who also stressed the importance of increasing strategic exchanges and communication between senior leaders of both countries.

He stressed that South Korea and Vietnam are inseparable partners in promoting sustainable economic development, and expected their cooperation to expand to other areas such as economic security, science and technology, digital transformation and climate change.

For his part, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Seoul, Vu Ho, considered that Minh Chinh’s visit should open a new page in bilateral relations and will provide an opportunity for the two parties to review and make recommendations to strengthen bilateral relations.

Referring to the priorities of the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s stay in South Korea, he noted that it would be to enhance trust between the two countries, thus opening up new opportunities for businesses on both sides, and deepening the relationship between the two peoples.

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The success of this visit will allow conveying a message to the regional and international community about the two countries’ determination to strengthen exchanges, enhance cooperation and improve the relationship between Northwest and Southeast Asia for the sake of peace, prosperity and sustainable development of Asia and the Pacific.

The diplomat said that strong economic relations are today the main pillar of bilateral relations, noting that trade exchange has risen from $500 million in 1992 to $87 billion in 2022, and is on its way to reaching $100 billion.

South Korea, worth $87 billion, is the largest foreign investor in Vietnam, with four million tourists from the country arriving last year.


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