The President of Venezuela congratulates parents on their day (+post)

The president wrote in his account: “A father is that love that drives us to struggle for our goals, and he is the one who guides us and strengthens us by his example. He is that noble and strong hand that protects us and works to provide us with a better world.” On the social network

Maduro thanked “the Venezuelan people who do not give up, who accompany me with their commitment and daily effort, who give everything and lay down their hearts to defend their family home, their dignity and their peace.”

He said, “Happy Father’s Day!”

For his part, Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America – People’s Trade Treaty, Jorge Arreaza, noted: “How sublime is the example of a good father to his children!” How much it guides, protects, shapes and strengthens the spirit!

To responsible and noble parents, our embrace of the spirit, expressed on the digital platform.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, from the “heart of father, son and soldier”, also paid tribute to the generous mission of all those who, with moderation, dedication and determination, followed by their example the path of their successors.

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He pointed out that they are responding not only to the demands that the Republic demands of them, but also to this noble mission entrusted to them by the Supreme Creator.

He stressed: “So let us continue to educate, protect and defend the torch of the nation’s future.”


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