The President of Costa Rica cancels his attendance at United Nations Week

The president suffers from a moderate health condition, but requires rest, according to his personal physician, according to a statement from the presidential house.

The Chancellor of the Republic, Arnoldo Andre Tinoco, will implement the agenda decided at the United Nations, accompanied by the Ministers of National Planning and Economic Policy. The letter stated that the Minister of Environment and Energy and the Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs, among other officials.

In this 78th session, the theme of the event will be Rebuilding Trust and Reviving Global Solidarity: Accelerating Action on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals towards peace, prosperity, progress and sustainability for all.

According to the agenda of the Costa Rican delegation, they will participate in the dialogue table entitled “Resilience: Leaving No One Behind,” as part of the meeting’s program that covers three central themes identified by the United Nations: sustainable development, environment and health.

Costa Rica is preparing for the Third Ocean Conference in 2025, which is why it will be present at several events organized by the Global Ocean Alliance in the United Kingdom.

Another project is sponsored by the Highly Ambitious Alliance for Nature and People, an intergovernmental group co-chaired by the Central American country and France, both co-organisers of the conference to be held in the European country.

The Costa Rican delegation will attend the United Nations High-Level Week of Dialogues related to global health related to the Sustainable Development Goals and coordination to address global challenges, where they will address issues related to epidemic prevention, universal health coverage and tuberculosis control.

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The Presidential Office statement explained that the speech before the General Assembly will be on Tuesday, the 19th of this month, in the afternoon, in which he will address the most important issues of concern to the country.

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