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The title ran for more than two hours, and he presented his free version, without taking an oath, on allegations of abuse of influence, in order to immunize his mother and other relatives, against the disease he caused to this day. 1,120 confirmed deaths and 4,688 probable deaths from this epidemic across the country.

First-line workers’ complaints about the fight against illness affect them as well, excluded from Phase Zero or the pilot scheme, as they are a priority with the elderly and caregivers in aging centers.

For this day, Zephalus also had to hand over the plan put in place to determine the arrangement and form of vaccination, a certificate of what had been implemented so far and clarification of the number of doses provided in the nursing home where his mother resided, in this capital.

Among the complainants in the process, which began last Friday, the People’s Action Organization and the Board of Grievances.

During this day, the request for the removal of a minister was also formalized in the National Assembly for non-performance of his duties.

With the support of 38 parliamentarians of various seats, the request was submitted by the legislator of Bolivar province, Angel Senmalisa, member of the Right to Health Committee.

The association member insisted that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination plan did not comply with the schedule and there was a lack of integrity regarding the management of public resources, as the Secretary of State administered the vaccine to their relatives in a special center, outside of planning.

Vaccination began in its initial stage in two cities in Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil, on January 21 and spread over the following days to other cities.

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The first batch included eight thousand doses, while the public is waiting for another shipment to arrive these days, as the government announced that it will arrive at the weekly frequency, until 86,000 doses are completed.

The general idea is to vaccinate about 60 percent of the population by the end of next October.

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