The perfect horror series on Netflix to watch on Thursday; A story that never lets you sleep

This is a new Thursday from today’s recommendation, this time the horror series Creeped Out, available on the streaming platform. Netflix.

This series is directed by Bedi Blake And Blake himself wrote it, along with Robert Butler and Denise McGrath. This is a British / Canadian co-production and stars Aurora Axness, William Roman, Jayden Cannatelli, and Kyle Harrison Pritkopf, among others.

This TV series has two seasons, contains 23 episodes and was active in between 2017 and 2019However, it is still in the catalog of the popular platform.

What happens in the series?

Features of the famous series 23 chapters spread over two seasonsWhere you will meet a masked person who collects stories about black magic, supernatural encounters, harmful technologies, among other situations and events that will make you unable to sleep at night.

We must point out that each story has a different story, which each time includes new characters exploring their way through the unknown with a wonderful atmosphere of suspense towards the inexplicable.

It should be noted that after obtaining the rights, Netflix has christened the series in Latin America under the title With goosebumps. The series is original before Family Channel y CBBC, In joint production between the United Kingdom and Canada.

Season 1 contains 13 episodes of 25 minutes long, and in them are individual stories that have a common thread in a character Inquisitive A mysterious masked story collector appears at the beginning of each episode.

In an interview with online magazine Syfy Wire, Blake and Butler indicated that their plan for the project was to merge Amazing stories and twilight zone, Looking to create a series about horror, sci-fi and fantasy, but aimed at a young audience. After receiving more than positive results, in 2018 the second season was confirmed, which is what happened 10 episodes.

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Next, we leave you the trailer for the series, which you can start this afternoon this evening, just bear in mind that you definitely will not be able to sleep today.

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