Boris Johnson appeals to rich nations’ morale against climate change

This content was posted on May 06, 2021 – 12:47

BERLIN, May 6 (EFE) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Thursday appealed to the “moral and practical commitment” of industrialized nations to make progress allowing for the implementation of effective strategies against climate change.

Johnson also called for more “ambition and determination” from rich countries that have benefited from exploiting coal-based resources since the Industrial Revolution on their way to the Climate Summit (COP26) at the end of the year in Glasgow, UK. ).

The British Prime Minister referred to this commitment of the most industrialized countries at the opening of the Petersberg Dialogue, the international forum organized by Germany on combating the climate crisis, in which the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio, also participated. Angela Merkel, Chancellor.

Johnson, who will host the meeting in Scotland, said that before the G7 members, whose leaders will meet in June in Cornwall (southwest England), they will meet for the first time in several months, and that at that summit climate change. “It will be at the center” of the talks.

But he said that for the Glasgow meeting to be successful, it would be necessary to accelerate work in the next six months, “because there can be no last-minute agreement.”

“We cannot allow action on climate change to be another victim of this tragic epidemic,” Johnson said at the virtual opening of the forum.

Johnson hinted at ways to be agreed to support developing countries in achieving the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions after he agreed with Merkel on Wednesday on the need to increase “contributions” in funds earmarked for “climate finance”.

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The British Prime Minister again referred to his call for rich countries to fulfill their commitment to secure more than $ 100 billion in public financing to ensure the ability of developing countries to cope with climate change and combat its effects. EFE

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