The Ortega regime announced the early withdrawal of the Organization of American States and the closure of the headquarters of this organization in Nicaragua

Nicaragua withdrew its representatives from the Organization of American States and ordered the closure of the organization’s headquarters in the country, taking the opportunity to describe its activity as “disastrous, disgraceful and false.”

“By affirming our irrevocable condemnation and resignation, in the face of this tragic, quarrelsome and false subordination of the Imperial Yankee Foreign Ministry, we also convey the following: As of this date we will no longer be part of all the deceptive mechanisms of this brutality.”said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada.

In this sense, the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, in statements issued by Channel 4indicated that he would withdraw the credentials of actors Orlando Tardincella, Evan Lara and Michael Campbell.

“We will not exist in any of the states of the demonic instrument of evil called Oya.”he added.

The Nicaraguan authorities have argued that the organization is violating “rights and independence,” as well as sponsoring and encouraging “interventions and invasions.” and “Coups in different forms and modalities”.

Already in November 2021, Moncada announced that the country had officially begun the process of leaving the organization Before what the government considers “continuous indications of interference” in the country’s internal affairs.

The Head of Nicaraguan Diplomacy confirmed that, on the instructions of President Daniel Ortega, The organization’s secretary, Luis Almagro, proceeded to file a complaint for “interference” in internal affairs and the consequent desire of the country to “leave the entity”.

After the elections that took place on November 7, 2021, between accusations of fraud and criticism of the government’s crackdown on dissent and critics, The Organization of American States approved a resolution declaring the elections “illegal” and calling for an “immediate collective assessment” for “appropriate action to be taken” regarding Nicaragua.

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According to the decision, the presidential elections in November 2021 in Nicaragua “were not free, fair, transparent and did not have democratic legitimacy.”

The document further states that The Nicaraguan authorities ignored all the recommendations of the organization.

“Close the door of peace”

On March 23, the permanent representative of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States, Arturo Macfields, was surprised during his speech at the session of the Permanent Council, during which he called Ortega’s administration a “dictatorship”, and denounced the precarious conditions in which his opponents live. Arrested.

“I cannot understand the government’s motives, but this withdrawal takes place a month after I spoke to the OAS”McFields said this Sunday, in a conversation with France Press agency.

After reports of civil law irregularities resulting in Daniel Ortega’s re-election, the OAS agreed to a resolution declaring the election “illegal”, calling for an “immediate collective evaluation” in order to “take appropriate action” with respect to Nicaragua. – Photo: Agence France-Presse

Although for him Ortega’s decision to retire early “is a great moral victory for the people of Nicaragua and for the political prisoners held in El Chipote prison”. That organization has repeatedly called for the freedom of opponents.

The OAS offices were “historically located in our country and were part of a historic pacification process in Nicaragua. The offices representing peace agreements in Nicaragua have been closed. The government is closing the door to peace.”

As detailed by McFieldsCurrently, the Agency’s offices in Managua are staffed with core management staff.

Relationship with the Organization of American States

In 2016, when the opposition denounced the fraud in Ortega’s election to a third consecutive term with his wife, Rosario Murillo, Vice President, The Organization of American States sent a mission to reach an agreement, without many results.

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The organization called on Nicaragua to make changes to the electoral law so that such incidents do not recur. Even its Secretary General, Luis Almagro, visited Nicaragua at the end of that year. In 2017, the Organization of American States and Managua signed an agreement to implement measures to improve the electoral system.

However, the anti-government protests that broke out in April 2018 and paralyzed Nicaragua for several months changed the course of things. The violent crackdown has left 355 dead, hundreds arrested, and thousands exiled, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

On repeated occasions, Ortega refused to enter the missions of the Organization of American States to search for a solution to that crisis, claiming interference in the internal situation.

When the wave of arrests of opponents began in June 2021, months before the general elections, he told the newspaperMagro considered that “the exercise of power in Nicaragua is not carried out according to the rule of law.”So it can be considered a “dictatorship”.

*With information from Europa Press and AFP.

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