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The National Assembly (Parliament) of Nicaragua today elects in a plenary session the judges of the Supreme Electoral Council, who will be responsible for organizing the general elections on 7 November.

According to Prinsa Latina, on April 29, the Special Constitutional Committee for Electoral Affairs left the list of 44 candidates to fill the ten judges (seven as owners and three substitutes) in the CSE, after collecting the proposals of political parties that have legal status. .

It is also expected during this week’s parliamentary sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) that the parliament will approve the draft amendments to the election law.

The election of election judges coincides with the commemoration of National Dignity Day, Tuesday, on the 94th anniversary of General Augusto Cesare Sandino’s initiative when he refused to sign the Black Hawthorn Pact.

On November 7, nearly three million Nicaraguan voters will elect the presidential formula, 92 deputies to the National Assembly and 20 in the Central American Parliament.

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