The Nicaraguan government welcomed the release of Julian Assange

“Together with our worthy journalists and correspondents, the descendants of Manuel Díaz and Sotelo, revolutionary and evolutionary journalism and communication of all eras and conditions of victorious struggles, we salute the release of the brave Australian broadcaster Julian Assange,” the executive highlighted in a statement. a permit. .

He added that Assange’s posts and revelations “allowed us to learn more about the lies sold as angelic rescues of democracy, and exposed, in all their deplorable and brutal intensity, imperialist barbarism in many parts of the world.”

The text expressed solidarity with Assange’s wife and children and all the activists of real causes who accompanied him throughout the years demanding justice and respect for freedom of expression.

He concluded, “The human family continues to learn more and more about the brutal, cowardly, and hideous hypocrisy that fascist neo-colonialism seeks to sell to continue deceiving the world.”

Assange was released on Monday and traveled to his native Australia, after an agreement with the US government to plead guilty to a felony under the Espionage Act, after spending the last five years of his life in a British prison.

Thus, the journalist puts an end to a long legal process that began when he was held responsible for the largest leak in the history of the United States of secret documents in 2010-2011, about the Pentagon’s military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to WikiLeaks, the departure of its founder is the result of a global campaign involving grassroots organizers, press freedom advocates, legislators, and leaders from across the political spectrum, all the way to the United Nations.

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