The next cycle public centers will have 140 native-speaking assistants

The Regional Delegate for Education and Sports of the Military Council of Córdoba, Inmaculada Troncoso, visits IES Blas Infante.

A total of 1542 conversation assistants the original people They are expected to enroll in the next academic year 2021-2022 Andalusian public centers, Of which 140 will go to Cordoba educational centers, as detailed by the Council’s Regional Delegate for Education and Sports, Taher Tronkosowho made That 124 aids speak English, 12 French and four German.

Of all the Andalusians, 1462 will be in a network of public bilingual centers and 80 assistants will collaborate again in the official language schoolsIn centers that teach the IB Diploma for the first time and in centers participating in the José Saramago programme.

These people, who mostly come from United State and other countries like CanadaAnd AustraliaNew Zealand, Philippines, Norway, Switzerland, Morocco, India, Singapore, Tonga, VanuatuAnd ChinaAnd BrazilTunisia, Holland And United kingdom, In addition to the countries of Bulgaria, Ireland, Hungary, France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, DenmarkFinland, Sweden and PortugalThey will join the centers from October and will remain until May 31.

Conversational help in English, French, German, Italian and Chinese Collaborate with faculty who teach non-linguistic areas, subjects, or professional units In bilingual centres, official language schools and IB-teaching centers, such as IES Medina Azahara in the capital of Córdoba, with the main objective of enhancing students’ oral skills.

for this part, The Portuguese assistants will carry out their work in the eight centers who teach this language as a second foreign language in the José Saramago programme.

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Likewise, in the words of the delegate, “ Helpers enhance conversation practice in their native language, and increase motivation for students by learning languages ​​and enhancing knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions of their home country through current affairs and fun activities in the classroom.”

Also, I evaluated that “pThey will provide a form for phonetic and grammatical correction in the corresponding foreign language and will be able to participate in complementary activities and extracurricular activities organized by the centers.


The Board of Directors’ Education and Sports division provides bilingual centers with One or two conversational assistantsDepending on the number of groups there are.

In addition, the Collaboration of conversation assistants in official language schools, which was discontinued in the 2014-2015 school year, with an additional conversation assistant for remotely taught languages.

Also, starting from Next session, a joint speaking assistant will be integrated into eight centers studying the IB Diploma programme.

Conversational assistants will develop their activity For 12 hours a week of direct attention to students, which may take place full-time at one center or joint at another centre. In any case, the reference teacher will always accompany them in the classroom under the supervision of the bilingual coordinator.

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