The Netherlands and the UK do not want athletes to bring their phones and laptops to Beijing 2022

the Winter Olympics in Beijing It’s just around the corner and there’s a situation very far from the sport going through two leagues that share a deep concern about A high level of surveillance enjoyed by the Chinese government on the Internet and communications in general.

For this reason, both United Kingdom and the Netherlands are taking some steps to Don’t expose your athletes to potential spying That the Chinese authorities can carry out with them while they are in the sports fair which will be held between 4 and 20 February this year.

as telegraphBritish Olympic Association (BOA) It will provide hardware so athletes can stay connected, which will not be new or personal. In addition, once the delegation returned to British territory, The devices used will be destroyed All in order to avoid possible monitoring of activities.

This situation is not new, because on previous occasions the sports entity Already provided laptops and cell phones to athletes as neededBut on those occasions the advice was more than the obligation, and on this occasion it is stronger, especially after the events of recent years in which companies like Huawei accused Chinese government espionageThe flag was planted by the United States and blindly supported by the United Kingdom.

Similar is a union decision HollandWhich confirmed that the athletes qualified for the Beijing 2022 event They will bring new and unused devices with themAll to protect your personal data from the strict surveillance of the Chinese government.

According to the sports entity, Cyber ​​security is part of the risk assessment Which will be held around the Dutch delegation that will attend the sports event that will be held in the cities of Beijing and Zhangjiakou.

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