The National Prize for Exact Sciences will be presented at Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2022

Academician from the University of Santiago and Director of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Dora Altbier, will point out the potential and challenges facing Chile for applications based on nanometer-sized materials.

On Sunday, April 24, starting at 12:30 p.m., at the Plaza de la Cultura Osvaldo Ventura López, the 2019 National Prize for Exact Sciences, Dora Altbir, It will be presented at Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta Science Festival 2022.

The Academician from Usach and the Director of Cedenna will present during the closing day of the festival together with the Director of El Mostrador, Hector Cousio, in the example of the “Infinitesimal Revolution”, under the category Democracy, Technology and Algorithms.

Puerto Ideas is a very interesting and valuable effort to introduce science to the publicwhich indicates that it is part of our lives and not a dark and mysterious area that develops in the silence of laboratories,” said Dr. Exact Sciences.

Science is responsible for many of our technological advanceswhich we live with daily and that has brought well-being to the community,” added El Tabeer, who featured President Michelle Bachelet in 2018 for her contribution to breaking gender stereotypes.

Scientific It will indicate the origin of the multiple applications, just beginning to be explored, for materials that, when found at nanometer sizes, offer new properties.which stimulated interdisciplinary work.

Also, it will present some of the applications and showcase the potential benefits that nanotechnology will offer to Chile in the future, as well as the challenges required to make its best use.

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Puerto Ideas provides an undeniable space for regional appreciation, shifting this effort towards the different regions that make up our country. Al-Tabir concluded that this obligates us as scholars and Chileans.

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