France has named Rebordinos Knight of the Order of Sciences and Letters

France designated Jose Luis Rebordinus Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, as reported French Culture Minister Roselyn Bachelot Narcoyen, In a letter to the director of the San Sebastian Festival. «This is an honorary medal awarded by the French Ministry of Culture since 1957, One of the main decorations among the four ministerial orders of the French Republic», Denotes the festival.

The Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Medal of Arts and Letters) rewards “people who have distinguished themselves for their creativity in the artistic or literary field or for their contribution to the splendor of arts and literature in France and in the world.” This matter has three ranks: knight, officer and commander. Or writers or intellectuals whose careers span at least three decades.

The French Minister of Culture affirms in her message the “contribution and commitment” of Jose Luis Ribordino “in the service of culture.”. For his part, the Minister thanked the Counselor of the French Embassy in Spain, Gauthier Likens, for his contribution “through his actions in highlighting French culture.”

Jose Luis Rebordino expressed his gratitude that ““France and its culture have been very important to me throughout my life,” said the festival director. “When I was a teenager, in the mid-seventies, and Spain was emerging from a long night of fascism and the dictatorship of Franco, I had access to some literary authors, such as Henri Miller, thanks to the books I bought in the French Basque country. “I was able to watch some of the directors’ films that affected me for the first time on French television in their original version, subtitled into French: the films of Jean Renoir, Yasujiro Ouzou, Ingmar Bergman, Carl Theodore Dreyer … ”

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Rebordinos also stated that, “Given my years of work at Donostia Kultura and now as the director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, I was fortunate to know French cinema firsthand, those who make it and who distribute it around the world. For me and for the festival, French cinema is one of the most important films in the world. I would like to thank this distinction, which I feel very proud of and reaffirm my commitment to trying to ensure that French cinema continues to be a reference cinema in our country. ”

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