Mexican press after the fall in the United States

“Failure”, “Disgrace” and “Mexican football is a failure” are some of the headlines due to the disaster in Mexico.

This is how the Mexican press responded after Mexico lost another final to the United States, which was crowned champion of the CONCACAF Nations League three times. David Vitelson did not mince words and pointed out the culprits in this new “failure” of Tri.

Fox Sports’ “Pretty Obvious Parenting!” For the new defeat of Tri. “Mexico lost again to the United States in the final of the European Nations League. Added another failure.”

ESPN – “Three-time UN League champions. Once again they beat the Mexican national team 2-0 with goals from Adams and Reyna. “A huge blow for Jaime Lozano’s trio heading to the Copa America.”

The newspaper Esto headlined: “Mexico was humiliated in the League of Nations by the United States.” “And the CONCACAF giant? This no longer exists. For a long time, the neighbor was the one that exported the players, and it was the one that played the best role in the World Cup finals.

FIFA spoke about the three-time champion of the United States in the CONCACAF Nations League after its victory in the final match over Mexico.

The Football Picante website highlighted the three titles that the United States won in the European Nations League.

“US dominates CONCACAF,” Azteca Deportes newspaper wrote under the headline. “Jaime Lozano’s team was ineffective against a Stars and Stripes team that played to the score.”

Cancha de Reforma stated, “The Mexican national team did not offer anything in Arlington and lost 2-0 to the United States, which won the treble in the European Nations League and maintains its paternity.”

“What a shame!” Mexican newspaper Record headlined on Monday on its front page: “The United States has outmaneuvered Mexico in the UEFA Nations League final.”

Mexican portal Medio Tiempo expressed regret for her team’s defeat. “History repeats itself!: The United States defeats Mexico again, 2-0.”

The newspaper highlighted “Two to Zero!” “The USA did it again in the #NationsLeague and clearly defeated Mexico, once again losing the regional title to their archrival.”

“2 to 0, 2 to 0,” Telemundo highlighted the United States as a “CONCACAF great.”

Alexi Lalas, a former American football player, took the opportunity to make fun of his neighbour. “Thanks, Mexico. Two to zero… again. Hail, USA! Until next time, friends.”

ESPN journalist Jose Ramon Fernandez described Mexico’s defeat as a “failure.” In addition to leaving several arrows.

“Fatherhood continues,” said TUDN journalist Luis Omar Tapia.

“Zero and there are three!” recalls ESPN journalist Ciro Procona. The United States’ consecutive Nations League titles.

David Vitelson exploded on social media, calling the defeat to the USA “a new failure for Mexican football.” A TUDN journalist blamed Mexico’s “brilliant managers” for the debacle.

“There are no football players and there is no coach. Mexican football is a failure,” Vetelson continued.

Barack Feffer, another ESPN journalist, made no secret of his alarm at the Mexico debacle. He added: “How naive we were when we thought that failure in Qatar would shake the foundations of Mexican football and encourage the restructuring necessary for improvement. It turned out that nothing had changed, no one was to blame, and nothing would improve.”

In Honduras there was also talk of defeating El Tri. “The United States is a three-time Nations League champion. Father of Mexico,” Todo Deportes TV wrote.

Honduran journalist Gustavo Roca, from the newspaper Diario Diez, confirms that “the gringos have no competitors” after their victory in a new final over Mexico.

“Mexico has gone seven straight games without beating the USA for the first time in its history. Today #dosacero is back,” the famous MisterChip explained.

Other CONCACAF media outlets, such as Costa Rica’s TD Mas, have asserted that the United States is the “father of Mexico.”

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