The National Institute of Migration recognizes the contributions of foreigners in Mexico on International Migrants Day

in the frame International Migrants Day the National Institute of Migration (INM) from Ministry of Interior Affairs It recognizes the social and cultural contributions of foreigners to the country and reports that, from September 2020 to November of this year, it carried out 108 million 183 immigration procedures, for the purpose of Business, work, health, tourism, Humanitarian causes and family reunification, among others.

Of note are 204,739 entry procedures that complied with immigration law and also provided a US visa; 64707 through a visitor visa without permission to carry out paid activities obtained electronically; 210 thousand 228 with permanent resident card in United State; 43847 with a visa Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and countries that make up the Schengen Area, and 472 with the APEC Business Travel Card (APEC Business Travel Card, ABTC for its English acronym).

Meanwhile, as part of measures to strengthen temporary employment at the southern border of Mexico, the issuance of 80,865 immigration documents has been promoted for people from Guatemala and Belize: 75 thousand 537 Regional Visitor Cards (TVR), of which 73 thousand 71 thousand are for Guatemalans, 676 for Salvadorans, and 765 for Hondurans, 25 for foreigners from thirteen countries, and 5 thousand 328 Visiting Border Workers (TVTF), all of whom are Guatemalan citizens.

Through INM’s 32 representative offices, 504,325 related immigration procedures have been resolved, such as issuance of residence cards for renewal, exchange, settlement, changes in residence status, temporary residence, permanent residence and visa licensing. in a positive way.

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