The Ministry of the Interior of Peru will strengthen its support for the security of peasants – Prensa Latina

A report from the aforementioned body indicates that it intends to enhance coordination, cooperation and interconnection with the tours at the national level.

These reinforcements will be effective through labor agreements and joint action plans to ensure the greatest protection, security and social peace for rural communities.

He added that the idea is to strengthen the relationship between the political authorities, the police and social organizations, such as Rondas Campesinas itself, to which President Pedro Castillo belongs.

To further this task, the Directorate of Peasant Tours of the Ministry of the Interior has concluded 32 district-level joint work agreements, signed by sectoral and rural police stations and other state entities, with Peasant Tour Centers.

Agreements were signed with the central offices of the regions of Amazonas, Ancás, Cajamarca, Cusco, La Libertad, Piura, Puno and San Martín, and for the remainder of the year it is planned to sign 50 more agreements in ten regions.

The understandings provide for training, periodic meetings, the exchange of information when requested by the parties, as well as the conduct of patrols, joint and/or joint monitoring, and cooperation with ordinary and customary justice, among other things.

Right-wing political forces attacked Rondas Campesinas and were to become a paramilitary force to invade the cities to fight the opposition, which the government and the ronderos themselves denied.

What the Minister of the Interior, Juan Carrasco, expects is the organization of the population of the popular areas into the Citizens’ Security Committees, to combat the growing crime.

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