The ministers who set the UK’s economic course in the new Labour government

LONDON, July 5 (EFE) – The United Kingdom changed its government on Friday, after Keir Starmer’s Labour Party won a landslide victory over the Conservatives in the July 4 election.

These are the names that will take the reins of the sixth global economy, waiting to know the specific policies that the center-left formation committed to fiscal discipline will implement.

– Rachel Reeves, Minister for Economy and Finance or “Treasurer”.

Reeves, a hawkish economist who has worked at the Bank of England, on Friday became the first woman to be appointed as the UK’s executive economy secretary, an expected appointment after she had already served as the economy spokeswoman as a member of the opposition.

– Ed Miliband, Energy Secretary.

Miliband, who served as energy and climate change secretary from 2008 to 2010, was then responsible for overseeing the introduction of the Climate Change Act 2008, a major step at the time and is now expected to surpass it with even more ambitious targets.

– Louise Hay, Minister of Transport.

Labour’s spokeswoman for transport in opposition since 2021, she now takes over as minister, a post in which she has sought to prioritise strong, affordable and accessible transport, and has committed to renationalising the railways.

– Liz Kendall, Work and Pensions Secretary.

Since September 2023, Kendall has been the Labour Party’s spokesperson on work and pensions. Prior to her political career, the new minister also served as Director of the NHS Ambulance Service Network, focusing on social policy and public health.

– Jonathan Reynolds, Minister for Business and International Trade.

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He graduated in Political Science and Modern History as well as Law, and began his political career in 2007, when he was elected to Tameside City Council, becoming a Member of Parliament in 2010 for Stalybridge and Hyde.

– Darren Jones, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

A lawyer, although he is considering becoming a doctor and taking a degree in human biology, he has represented the Bristol North West constituency since 2017. He is involved in issues relating to climate change and technology. Avicom


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