The Mexican Parliament receives a proposal on air accidents – Prensa Latina

The idea is to avoid all kinds of speculation and provide a preliminary or final factual report to the public, as well as define which data will be considered classified as archived.

In the proposal, which has been passed to the committees, the executive authority proposes that classification, declassification and access to information created or preserved by the aviation authority in matters of investigation of accidents or air accidents should be in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and laws. .

As part of the information related to aviation accidents, information regarding the names of the persons involved, statements of witnesses, the content of communications in the operation, and the medical reports of the aviation technical personnel involved are highlighted.

Likewise, the voice and conversations in the cabin and with air traffic services, the analyzes and opinions expressed by flight recorders, reporting projects for initial or final accidents or accidents, and other data that, by their nature, are considered a sensitive classification.

And the presidential initiative, which the president sent to the House of Representatives of the Federal Congress (Parliament), adds that the results of the investigation will appear in the report of the initial and final facts or facts. agp / lma

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