The Mexican Foreign Ministry commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the fall of Salvador Allende

Foreign Relations Minister Alicia Barcenas – who was also ambassador to Chile – led the memorial service for Allende, victim of the fascist coup d’état carried out by General Augusto Pinochet with the support of the United States government.

In addition to Isabel, José Miguel Insulza, former Secretary General of the Organization of American States, the Chilean Ambassador to Mexico, Beatriz Sánchez, and many intellectuals from the southern country, some of whom have still lived here since the military coup, attended. in the event.

Barcenas said that this criminal act created a scar in the history of Chile, but also in the history of our entire continent, and described the coup as a tear in the constitutional order that we have not yet been able to heal in depth.

I think this is where our responsibility lies, because we have been observing from a distance the transformative project of Salvador Allende, the chancellor considered.

He pointed out that Allende came to Mexico in 1972 at a very difficult stage because we were emerging from the 1968 movement (the Tlatelolco massacre), and the suppression of the Body of God in 1971, meaning that it was a very bloody moment for Mexico as well.

The arrival of President Allende gave us hope to the young people who participated in these social movements.

He inspired us to have a social career and showed us that another world is possible on the basis of democracy, because he was the first socialist president in the world to win democratically.

That is why we, the Government of Mexico, will accompany these festivities, and do so from the heart and soul of a people, like the Chileans, who sanctify their historical memory and chart a way for the future.

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He concluded with a quote from Allende: “One day America will have the voice of the continent, the voice of a united people, a voice that will be respected and heard because it will be the voice of peoples who are masters of themselves.” Saucepan.”

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