President of Venezuela Urges Working Class to Denounce Corruption – Prensa Latina

During a working day for the Presidential Committee of the Working Class, the President stressed that the Bolivarian government maintains its direct struggle against bureaucracy and corrupt officials.

“It is necessary to cleanse the socialist companies and the state from corruption, and this can only be done by the organized working class,” the official said, calling on the relevant authorities to progress with great seriousness and fairness in investigations in this area.

Maduro revealed the recent case of Lácteos Los Andes, in which prosecutors and security agencies dismantled a criminal network for the unlawful enrichment of the head of the entity and several of his associates.

Likewise, the Head of State called for organizing the proposals of the working class to identify the existing problems and search for appropriate solutions, and said that “the intelligence of the people is the supreme intelligence of the Bolivarian Revolution.”

He pointed out that the executive authority is evaluating the proposals issued by the Presidential Council for the category of work regarding job creation, as well as regarding immediate financing mechanisms for new entrepreneurs.

Maduro also endorsed continued progress towards an efficient, ethical and productive new management model, by authorizing two pilot labor management plans for core and petrochemical companies in Venezuela.

The decision aims to transform the industries’ managerial work through the direct participation of workers in the operational planning processes and in decision-making.

In this regard, the President directed those in managerial positions in state corporations to submit in a conscious and disciplined manner to the new model of working-class management.

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He also instructed the immediate development of a map of state-run industries to determine their true status, a measure that would have the support of the Presidency Inspectorate.

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