And you, do you allow yourself to submit? In the great seduction they will try

Mexico City: And you, would you allow yourself to be tempted? Residents of Santa Maria del Mar will do their best to make this happen.

The great seduction Animated comedy starring Memo Villegas, from El último Vagón and Pierre Louis, from Todo va estar bien, with the participation of Yalitza Aparicio, from Rome, that tells a story full of friendship, laughter and Mexican wit.

It will premiere on Netflix on August 30th.

(47) The Great Temptation | Official Trailer | Netflix – YouTube

This movie is directed by Celso García and Lto Thin yellow line produced by Nicholas Seles of Rome, what do you It will make you taste the dishes, and learn from other American football, remember Antiquity and, above all, remember where we came from.

around The great seduction

Post-industrialization ended economic activity and filled the population with disillusionment From the fishing island of Santa Maria del Mar, his fate is about to take a turn with the opportunity for a fish packing company to settle in town.

The only condition: to persuade the doctor to move there. Germain, the leader of the island, rallies the residents to “fall in love” with the town doctor Mateo, who will be surprised to discover, by chance, that his beloved American football is the local sport or that his favorite dish of Indian cuisine is all a classic in Santa Maria.

And it is that, for Germaine and the rest of the town, there are no limits when it comes to seducing Mateo and bringing Santa María del Mar back to life.

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data sheet

Director: Celso Garcia
Screenplay: Luciana Herrera and Celso García
Cast: Memo Villegas, Pierre Louis, Yalitza Aparicio, Hector Jiménez, Eligio Meléndez, Julio Casado, Mercedes Hernández and Joaquín Cosío
Producer: Nicholas Celis
Executive Producer: Jim Stark, Celso Garcia, Sebastian Seles, Andres Clarion, Roger Frappier, Jacob Stark, Juan Carlos Rojas, Paulina Valencia, Rodrigo Macin, Daniela Leyva Becerra Acosta, Luna Maran

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