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It always gets us out of trouble and with it we can send not only files in Word or PDF format, but also photos, videos, GIFs, attachments Animations and even the funniest memes. Several functions have been added today such as the ability to increase the speed of your voice notes.

In addition to, It’s a new tool already being tested by beta users: the multi-device option. With it, you no longer have to rely on your mobile phone to use or view your conversations on your PC or computer.

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But not everything is there. Emojis have raised a number of questions among people. As you know, each of these symbols has a different interpretation, they can be implied or, to a greater extent, need to be translated.

This is the case of the trapped heart emoji. Do you know what it is for? ? Has someone ever sent it to you without knowing its true meaning? Well, here we explain everything to you.

What does the square heart symbol mean in WhatsApp?

In order to know exactly what this framed heart emoji means, it is necessary to turn to one of the websites responsible for assembling all the icons Explained in detail: .

According to source reports, this framed heart is known in English as heart decorationThis means that it is often expressed that love is decorative, that it is in a frozen state, that it is trapped.

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Find out the true meaning of this emoji that has become popular on WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

Other times, it’s also helpful to say that your love is sound and more solid than ever, which is why it’s framed in a box.

heart decoration Approved as part of In 2010 and in addition to In 2015, they can sometimes appear with a pink or purple background.

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